Services Offered

If you are moving just a few items, we can do it for you in an efficient and affordable manner. The prices are charged on an hourly basis but can be set depending on the nature of the job.

Depending on the size and quantity of goods, and number of people required for the job, you could use one of the following services below.

Van and Man Hire

For moving few items to small apartments

Truck and Men Hire

For moving bigger items

Office Relocation

Office relocation services

House Moving

Truck and Men hire for moving houses or bigger items

Industrial Deliveries

Business delivery solutions

Warehousing and Distribution

Business warehousing and distribution services

Interstate House Moving

Housemoving services to major cities in Australia

Not Sure? Call us 0449957644 and we can assist you to decide.

Packing Tips

  • Always a list of items should be prepared in advanced before moving.
  • Always ensure all stuff that is to be moved must be packed in cardboard boxes and brittle items like glass ware, crockery, art pieces, statues must be packed differently by wrapping in bubble wrap or blankets or rugs etc. and on the top of the boxes it should be marked with a marker FRAGILE.
  • The stuff that can be unscrewed must be separated like beds, dressing table, couches, dining tables etc.
  • All the mirrors or paintings must be wrapped in bubble wrap or with the blankets, so as to minimize the chances of breaking.
  • Rugs and Carpets should be rolled and ties with some rope etc.

Useful Moving Tips

  • Always prepare a list of items prior to the moving, as it keeps things organized on the date of moving and when the moving is finished, kindly check whether all your stuff is moved in beforehand, later on once the vehicle has moved away, we are not responsible or liable for any stuff that is missing.
  • If the moving is going to take place in the city area, kindly ensure that there is enough parking space, and if not if any parking infringements or charges come, then the client is liable to pay for it, not the moving company.
  • Most of the payments preferred by us is cash, so it is highly recommended that you please withdraw the cash before the moving ends or else extra time will be charged until the mover gets the cash.
  • One more important point to be noted, if you say the mover to load as per your directions, then there is no liability of our company for any breakages or damages to your stuff.
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